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Unpatched Systems

May 12, 2021

Julio and Melissa make up the entirety of the  IT department for their company. They are the Jack and Jill of all trades, and they do a fantastic..

Poor Password Hygiene

May 5, 2021

Joan works at a small, local manufacturing company; her company makes highly specialized chemical testing sensors used in various applications all..

Publicly Accessible Logon Systems With Single Factor Authentication

April 28, 2021

Bob runs a company working on a very large and competitive government services bid. After combing through the numbers and settling in on a rather..

Phishing Attacks

April 21, 2021

  It is a warm summer day and the ice cream shop down the block sends out a coupon link for 50% off a pint of your choice to your office. The..

Top 5 Ways Organizations Are Being Breached Introduction

April 14, 2021

In this series, CCI Systems (Blue Team), and partners FRSecure (Red Team), will uncover the top five most common ways the healthcare industry and..