“MikroTik Breach” Success Stories

During the fall of 2019, CCI Support Services played an integral role resolving a security breach of a major cable operator within North America. It was determined the unfortunate breach impacted 50,000 MikroTik devices across the U.S. Each of these devices would need to be resecured with new firmware and loaded remotely. The breach was observed 10 days prior to Labor Day in which 1500 apartment communities would be without cable or internet over the extended holiday weekend.

Customer Remained Happy — The Battle They Didn’t See

CCI stepped in with their advanced support team and Network Operations Center (NOC) to find the most effective way to get the cable operator’s customers back online quickly. Despite the challenge of a holiday weekend, the proper resources were assembled on short notice and the network techni

cians were given a firm deadline for completion. Ultimately, the subscribers affected barely knew there was an issue going on. Over the course of 7 days, new security credentials were fully updated, and new, secure firmware was installed on the corrupted devices using a combination of custom scripts.

Eliminating a potential security risk for a valued customer within a small window of time speaks to the value CCI services can add and provide to clients nationwide. Knowing how to resolve breaches on various types of equipment, perform updates on those network components, and work effectively from a remote location is a testament to that. Coming in below budget (at a cost the customer’s internal staff would not have been able to achieve) and completing the fixes on-time displays CCI’s aptitude for equipment agnosticism.

The Takeaway

By leveraging past knowledge of equipment and devices from current and former properties, CCI creates custom solutions driven by an intuitive network design able to fit the needs of every client and backed by expert technicians who get the job done. Keep your customers secure, happy, and unaffected by the likes of hackers with a superior 24/7 staff at CCI.


CCI Systems offers support solutions for problems no matter how large or small, and your customer will never even know they are calling a company outside of your organization. CCI Systems’ Support Services are SOC Type II certified and ready to support your customers today. Complete the form below and a representative from our business development team will get back with you in one business day or less!