“Plan To Outsource” Success Stories

In February of 2020, a wireless internet service provider (WISP) had grown to the point where they were receiving around a hundred calls outside of their normal business hours. It was becoming impossible to continue providing 24x7 support while working the standard nine-to-five shift, especially with a plan in place to continue accelerated growth. Before long, it became clear their current setup was unsustainable. Rather than attempting to find an economical way to internally staff those off-hours and weekends, this WISP considered their customers’ experience and looked at outsourced call centers to handle their off-hour support.

Support At Any Time

The goal was to make it possible for their end users to find support at any time of the day, be it Friday evening at 11 P.M. or Christmas Day. Customers were supported by phone, the company Facebook page, and email, so an omnichannel approach was necessary. In addition to technical support, they were also looking for sales, billing, and answering frequently asked questions (FAQs). Familiarity with WISP systems—in general, their ticketing system, Sonar, Tower Coverage, and Facebook support were a must. Upon reviewing their options, the WISP decided to move forward with CCI Systems because of positive experiences referenced by other WISPs working with CCI’s contact center.

The Result

Currently, CCI Systems continues to provide support for the WISP by scaling their support as the company continues to grow. The WISP is also able to rely on CCI if a tech is on vacation or they need to pull someone out to the field to do on-site work. This relationship between service provider and contact center has allowed the WISP to provide 24x7 support and give them their weekends and holidays back, while knowing their customers are in good hands.

Today, the only time they need to pick up the phone over the weekend is to call their family.



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