PHY Anywhere: Partner Selection is Key

In order to further the growth of our PHY anywhere solution, CCI Systems is partnering with a global leader in the very technology that makes PHY anywhere possible, Harmonic Inc.

Continuing our conversation from our recent blog post about PHY anywhere where we talked about the evolutionary changes taking place for operators when selecting technology to meet their desired business outcomes, one of the key aspects of a Flexible MAC Architecture is the ability to adapt to the requirements of the operators business needs, today and tomorrow.


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Equipment manufacturers like Harmonic Inc, are pioneering new ways for operators to provide cable and broadband access to consumers with superior quality of experience. CableOS give operators the power to expand the network to handle capacity issues, evolve to next-gen architectures with efficiency and enhance network performance to reduce TCO. With cloud native operating systems, built-in bottom-up management and telemetry, and a modular approach to the building blocks of an access solution, operators are able to grow and build broadband networks based on their business needs. By offering DOCSIS, PON and other access technologies in a single platform and managed by a single pane of glass, operators are able to save money in operations and excessive capital outlay. 

Operators today are having to deploy multiple technologies in order to stay competitive as they maintain a coax plant that they have built over decades that is still generating growing revenues. Harmonic has one of the largest deployments of virtual CMTS’s on the globe that makes and interoperates with several Remote PHY Device (RPD) manufactures.Additionally, there is a RPD shelf where when you can’t remove lasers or analog nodes you can still launch high speed services.

Operators have continued to grow their subscriber base and in most cases are doing so with Passive Optical Networks (PON) or other access technologies.  Harmonic is launching a modular PON solution that expands the Remote PHY Device capabilities to include PON. You can choose to have a hybrid node, with DOCSIS AND PON or use the node as a remote standalone PON OLT.

This partnership brings a pairing of revolutionary ideas of technology and over 60 years of operational experience to customers needing to adapt more quickly and seamlessly in the competitive environment. 


CCI takes a customer first approach when solving a wide array of needs. We ask the right questions to discover exactly how we can leverage our expertise to help you achieve the goals that you have. We operate a service provider network ourselves and truly understand customer pain points because they are our pain points as well. Please reach out to your CCI sales team and find out more about how we can help you with PHY anywhere solutions.